Discovering a lost world — High (ish) Resolution Maps

A discovery was made this morning, a discovery borne from a memory. A discovery made possible by, believe it or not, Cheetos and OP-Tank-Paladins (thanks, Jonny. Fugit says, “Sorry for the ridiculous nerd-reference.”).

Fugit has been working on his Fantasy / Sci-Fi world setting for many years (and he is still debating on what to call it!). Part of that process, besides creating hundreds of pages of setting details, was realizing and rendering a full-color, highly detailed, world-map. Not a continent map, or a city map, but a world map.

The problem? Well … the angry computer Gods, who apparently love to eat PC harddrives, ate his PC harddrive a few years ago. In it: all the source files for his maps. No! He had backups, thankfully, but they were low-res. Yuck. He poked around his other computer, desperately looking for the source files, to no avail.

Thank goodness for Cheetos and WOW:

Hey, you remember all that cash you had to drop to get that harddrive recovered by some guy, fat bellied, white shirt covered in Cheetos crumbs, and obsessed with WOW (and various other Blizzard games), that you paid to recover your harddrive? You still have that effing thing, you fool! Just go get it and check for the source files.

“This story is starting to suck,” you’re probably thinking right about not. But you’re wrong! Of course the source files are there–why wouldn’t they be?–but are they the most up-to-date files? An important detail withheld until now is that the same machine that was recovered by fat-Cheetos-crumb-guy, was struck down by the gods again, not too long ago. Right now, as this post is being written, the ruin of a machine sits in Fugit’s den, festering in its own inability to perform basic functions, like powering up and starting Windows. Fugit was worried that in the time between having his harddrive recovered, and the machine crashing again, that he’d made critical updates to the maps that would be gone for good (save hiring Cheetos-guy again).

This morning Fugit dusted the greasy orange cheese crumbs off the old harddrive, plugged it in, clicked around, saw the .psd (Photoshop) file and double clicked it:

Loading …

Loading …

… Done.

“Yes!” Fugit yelled, silently.

High-Resolution Map files for one of the primary worlds in Fugit’s setting–he has them, in all their nerdalicious glory. You’ll get to see the maps, as they’re re-purposed into story-related maps. They’re coming.

Soon, the maps are coming …