Stories in Rogues – “What Do You Do?” by Gillian Flynn

Each story in Rogues is prefaced by an exhaustive detailing of the authors’ body of work and accolades, and given that George R. R. Martin is one of the editors, I guess this makes perfect sense–because it kind of reads like each author is a character in Westeros, being introduced by Martin’s exhaustive historical-narrative style, and they each get a list of impressive-sounding titles.

So, anyway, when “What Do You Do?” was introduced as a piece by Gillian Flynn, the writer of “Gone Girl”, I immediately got excited. I didn’t read Gone Girl (I know, I know …) but I did watch and thoroughly enjoyed the movie (come on, you know you liked it too). One thing I was looking forward to in Rogues was being exposed to new writers, new experiences, ideas, and different genres. And Flynn did not disappoint!

“What Do You Do?” is a devilishly entertaining thriller–thanks mainly to the hilarious hippie-chick lead–set in the modern world, and features an impressive number of handjobs. Yeah. Handjobs. And when I say an impressive number, I’m not jerking you around (jajajaja).

I was instantly bought-in through the setup stage of the story and then found that Flynn had seamlessly woven me into the plot, and before you know it–while I was guessing and wondering the whole time–the fucking story ends, leaving me desperate for more. Damn you, Flynn. Damn you! While it was something of an abrupt ending, it was an excellent read.