Piece Update: Pura’s Intention

UPDATE: Fugit has completed the second version of a piece called “Pura’s Intention.”

This version is about twice as long, but still under the 1,000 word maximum he set for himself. After mulling over the original for some time, and considering different publications, he came to the conclusion that he had started the story in the wrong place. Originally the story had opened with Fandrengr’s (Fand for short. Nobody calls him Fandrengr!) hand trembling, covered in blood, holding a dagger to the neck of some bastard aristocrat. It was too confusing of a starting point and didn’t allow for a building and release of tension. Fugit knew that first Fand must scale the wall of DeBeche manor and show you his nerves, apprehension, and motivation …Now Fugit wonders if he should change the title. Not-so-much because he wants to retain the original as a stand alone piece, but because he wonders if the title accurately represents the story’s purpose.

Perhaps it doesn’t.

Fandrengr Faraldr, a character that has lived in Fugit’s mind for years now, really came to life in a new way in this story about his early adolescence. It’s a formative moment for him, particularly at the end. Hopefully in the relatively near future you’ll all get to experience this turning-point moment in the life of young Vell: a crime of passion that leads to disaster.