Submission Update: Pura’s intention

UPDATE: Fugit reports that his flash-length piece, “Pura’s Intention” is still in the consideration process. Wait for it … One of these updates will read, “Sold.”

Fugit is trying to sell a story about Fandrengr, a young Vell, and his crime of passion. The first iteration of the story, called “Pura’s Intention”, was a super-short flash piece of just about 500 words. With sites on a new venue, which shall remain nameless, Fugit has expanded this word count a little bit and fleshed out the scene. The rewrite is marinating. When it tastes just write Fugit will submit the new piece and hope for the best.

Why doesn’t Fugit tell us where he submits the work?

Rejections are part of professional writing. Fugit is currently working on making sure his rejection pile is much higher and more daunting than his acceptance pile (which is currently a bare floor!). To avoid any undue negative connotations that readers might project onto a publisher for rejecting a piece, all rejections will remain nameless; only acceptances will be recognized by name (because, of course, we will want to advertise such a wonderful occasion!).

Hang in there, guys. We will sell “Pura’s Intention” and we’ll tell you where you can read it.