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Piece Update: Pura’s Intention

UPDATE: Fugit has completed the second version of a piece called “Pura’s Intention.”

This version is about twice as long, but still under the 1,000 word maximum he set for himself. After mulling over the original for some time, and considering different publications, he came to the conclusion that he had started the story in the wrong place. Originally the story had opened with Fandrengr’s (Fand for short. Nobody calls him Fandrengr!) hand trembling, covered in blood, holding a dagger to the neck of some bastard aristocrat. It was too confusing of a starting point and didn’t allow for a building and release of tension. Fugit knew that first Fand must scale the wall of DeBeche manor and show you his nerves, apprehension, and motivation … Read the rest of this post …

The Addendum — Race Profile: Vell

The Vell are a race of people in Fugit’s unique world setting.

Posts like this will continue to populate The Addendum as Fugit completes new pieces. These articles will be updated and expanded upon as time goes on. Careful attention will be taken to make sure no spoilers slip through in the process. Below Fugit will reveal the basic profile for the Vellyn race. Read the rest of this post …

Submission Update: Pura’s intention

UPDATE: Fugit reports that his flash-length piece, “Pura’s Intention” is still in the consideration process. Wait for it … One of these updates will read, “Sold.”

Fugit is trying to sell a story about Fandrengr, a young Vell, and his crime of passion. The first iteration of the story, called “Pura’s Intention”, was a super-short flash piece of just about 500 words. With sites on a new venue, which shall remain nameless, Fugit has expanded this word count a little bit and fleshed out the scene. The rewrite is marinating. When it tastes just write Fugit will submit the new piece and hope for the best. Read the rest of this post …