Fugit Bio

I’m David V Fugit, a storyteller, a father, a musician; no accolades worth mentioning, just passion.

This website has gone through a few iterations. In its current form, I blog about things that are going on in my life related to writing, reading, and I’d like to include some music stuff too. Ideally, this site evolves into a resource for fans reading my published science fiction and fantasy writing, but … I need to have some of that shit published first, ha. And that hasn’t happened yet. But I’m still trying! (sort of)

I live in the Sunshine State of the United States with my beautiful family of girls, our dog Woodsyman, and now a little cat named Winky.


A quick note about the old site: It’s gone for good and is never coming back. I have it all backed up and saved (somewhere). If for some reason you really want access to something that was there, just let me know.

p.s. It has come to my attention that a decent number of people are still looking for the Beats per minute (BPM / Tempo) to Millisecond Delay Calculator that I created for the old site. I’m hosting it here permanently for all of you. Maybe I should make it an app? Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting the site!