300 Seconds – The Birth of a New Chapter

I needed both hands on the wheel, even though I wanted to hold her hand. Her cries of pain and ritual concentration were too close together for comfort, especially when I know that we’re 19 minutes away from the birthing center–at best.

“Don’t worry, hun,” I say to my wife, with a squeeze to her thigh. “We’re going to make it. We’re going to make it.”

We’re not going to make it, I thought, frantic. She screamed again. This one was worse than before. We actually might not make it. Read the rest of this post …

Reading: Voyage of the Jerle Shannara (I know, I know …)

Fugit here. Did I miss the entire month of April? Perhaps I was too busy enjoying the spring growth, the Florida sky, or the spellbinding beginning to Season (3) of Game of Thrones on HBO. Either way, it’s gone, and here I am, faced squarely with the beginning of May.

Cool illustration I lifted from Brooks’ site. Hope he doesn’t mind.

So I just finished the Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy by Terry Brooks. They’re the only Brooks novels I’ve read. I had high expectations, as one might choosing to enter such a massively successful body of work. Unfortunately, I have mixed feelings about this trilogy … *spoilers*

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Submission Update: Vanishing from Delta Finituum

Vanishing from Delta Finituum, manuscript, boxed and ready for the snail-mail circuit.

Vanishing from Delta Finituum, manuscript, boxed and ready for the snail-mail circuit.

Fugit walked back to his truck with the spring air crisp on his cheeks, an odd sensation for Spring in Florida. The fate of “Vanishing from Delta Finituum” is out of his control, at least for now. It’s been prepared, packaged, and shipped. He balked when first learning that the submission process for this particular publisher required a hard-copy. A what?! But now, with the process behind him, he thinks differently of the venerable process.

Strangely enough, it reminded him of Funny Farm

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Reading: A cool short, called “Soft” by Cat Rambo

Hey, guys. Fugit here with a quick shout out.

I just finished reading a short and sweet little piece sent to me by Daily Science Fiction, called “Soft.”

“Soft” cautions us on the potential ramifications of animal testing and what that could mean for us, as a race, if one day we find ourselves a few rungs down on the proverbial food-chain-ladder. It’s a short and easy read, but one I felt worth mentioning. Check out the author, Cat Rambo’s website. It looks like she’s busy publishing tons of work!

Good job, Rambo.


Discovering a lost world — High (ish) Resolution Maps

A discovery was made this morning, a discovery borne from a memory. A discovery made possible by, believe it or not, Cheetos and OP-Tank-Paladins (thanks, Jonny. Fugit says, “Sorry for the ridiculous nerd-reference.”).

Fugit has been working on his Fantasy / Sci-Fi world setting for many years (and he is still debating on what to call it!). Part of that process, besides creating hundreds of pages of setting details, was realizing and rendering a full-color, highly detailed, world-map. Not a continent map, or a city map, but a world map.

The problem? Well … the angry computer Gods, who apparently love to eat PC harddrives, ate his PC harddrive a few years ago. Read the rest of this post …

Piece Update: Pura’s Intention

UPDATE: Fugit has completed the second version of a piece called “Pura’s Intention.”

This version is about twice as long, but still under the 1,000 word maximum he set for himself. After mulling over the original for some time, and considering different publications, he came to the conclusion that he had started the story in the wrong place. Originally the story had opened with Fandrengr’s (Fand for short. Nobody calls him Fandrengr!) hand trembling, covered in blood, holding a dagger to the neck of some bastard aristocrat. It was too confusing of a starting point and didn’t allow for a building and release of tension. Fugit knew that first Fand must scale the wall of DeBeche manor and show you his nerves, apprehension, and motivation … Read the rest of this post …

Reading: Just finished Copper and Steel

What is Fugit reading? Perhaps you’d like to read the same thing? Of course you would! This is the first post in a new content category. Cool, right?

Fugit just finished a nice short piece from Lynette Mejia, titled, Copper and Steel. Sometimes he’s able to read the pieces sent to him from Daily Science Fiction, but sometimes he gets backed up for days, or more — or more! The title, having piqued his interest prior, drew him back several several mouse rolls in his inbox just to find the email containing the story.

Fugit tells us, “While I wasn’t thrilled with the ending, I still enjoyed the story and the premise; enough to share it.”

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The Addendum — Race Profile: Kecce

The Kecce are another race of people in Fugit’s unique world setting.

The previous Race Profile was for the Vell. And while the Vell are somewhat similar to humans in their appearance and basic characteristics, the Kecce are much different, more bestial, more terrifying. Read the rest of this post …

The Addendum — Race Profile: Vell

The Vell are a race of people in Fugit’s unique world setting.

Posts like this will continue to populate The Addendum as Fugit completes new pieces. These articles will be updated and expanded upon as time goes on. Careful attention will be taken to make sure no spoilers slip through in the process. Below Fugit will reveal the basic profile for the Vellyn race. Read the rest of this post …

Resurrecting the Beats per Minute (BPM) to Milliseconds Delay calculator

Note from Fugit:

Hey, everyone!

It’s come to my attention that a number of people were still searching for and clicking on the old program I built for the old site called: Beats per Minute (BPM / Tempo) to Milliseconds Delay Calculator. I’ve linked it right there, as you can see. If you’re looking for it, and you were linked here, just click that link and enjoy.

If you’re not a musician, and you’re wondering what the heck that thing is right there, it’s simple: Read the rest of this post …