Stories in Rogues – “The Inn of the Seven Blessings” by Matt Hughes

I’d not heard of Matt Hughes before, but his list of accolades and titles was supremely impressive. So, I dove into this tale rather excited.

This medieval fantasy story starts with a thief recovering an interesting object. This object leads him on a quick quest, naturally, and there is a weird little payoff at the end, but overall, I strongly disliked this story. There wasn’t a great sense of voice, and the word choices just felt off. It read very stiff and I found myself tuning out through most of it.

I finished it, of course–because I want to finish them all–but the payoff at the end felt cheap and not worth it. Granted, I didn’t see it coming … but that’s because … well, I’ll just let you find out (if you can make it there).

I think you’re fine to skip this one. Sorry, Hughes!





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