Stories in Rogues – “Tawny Petticoats” by Michael Swanwick

Lots and lots of zombies, really? I remember wondering if this was going to be a gory zombie tale, something more dramatic, like The Walking Dead, or something else entirely etc … turns out it’s an elaborate con-job set in an absurdly surreal dystopic future New Orleans. Very shortly into this one, I had to get over the fact that the leads partner is a anthropomorphic dog. A dogman, if you will. 

But as it turns out, this story was pretty interesting. The Zombies are not what I was thinking–something else entirely. And while the plot was interesting, and the twist at the end was partially unexpected, I wasn’t overly impressed with this story. It was wildly creative, I will give it that, but I didn’t love it.

I wouldn’t skip this one, but only because of how out there the whole setting is. The characters and the plot are somewhat forgettable.





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