Stories in Rogues – “Heavy Metal” by Cherie Priest

An unusually large protagonist, a small town, and bizarre reports of recent deaths. I wasn’t sure what to expect, what setting it would be, or if I was about to read a mystery, action, thriller, or what. Turns out it’s a modern fantasy about a monster hunter. Cool! Let’s find out if it was any good. 

“Heavy Metal” is well written, interesting, and the narrator did a good job, but it is quite straight forward. Kilgore is our monster hunter and he is a big man–described at one point as a one-man eclipse (that one made me laugh). The story has elements of mystery and like any good monster-hunting tale, some investigation and discovery are needed before confronting the beast.

Overall the story is straightforward, maybe with a tiny twist (if you want to call it that), but Kilgore just doesn’t really feel like a rogue. Perhaps he is a well-known character in some of Priest’s other works, in which case, he might be exactly a rogue. If you’ve met Kilgore in other works, let me know. He’s unique enough for me to be interested in more.

I would recommend reading this one. Definitely not one to skip, but not a standout either.





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