Stories in Rogues – “The Meaning of Love” by Daniel Abraham

The Meaning of Love is a sappy title, and one you have to immediately presume is sarcastic in an anthology like this one. I won’t spoil how this presumption plays out though, you may have to find out for yourself, because I do recommend reading this little story about a sprawling town run only by its lawlessness and brutality, a pathetic little prince and his gilded sword, and the badass-bitch rogue wearing pink goggles set on helping him out.

While the plot is not incredibly interesting, the ending packs an unexpectedly satisfying punch–really, you will never see this coming. Abraham does a good job with this story. It’s well written, and paced, and the setting comes to life (though you got to give it a little of its build up). If any of you are familiar with the rogue town region in the Forgotten Realms called Icewind Dale, you can imagine this town as something like that, but temperate in its climate, and not completely arctic.

This story is not overly long, told in the third person, and includes some witty and interesting dialogue. Like most of the stories, it’s about some elaborate heist, or scheme.

Give this one a read! And when you get to the little surprise at the end–or, near the end rather, you’ll be glad you stuck around. Ha.





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