Stories in Rogues – “Ill Seen in Tyre” by Steven Saylor

This charming little piece of historical fiction is shorter than many of the other stories–or at least it felt that way, which is a good thing–and doesn’t quite fit the traditional “rogue” mold as it’s brother and sister stories in this anthology. It’s about a teen and his apprentice, at some point in the distant past. They’re traveling around, visiting the ancient wonders of the world … but they stop in Tyr for a pet-project. How do you think it goes?

This adventure is quick and to the point. The teen and his master learn about some local legends while they wait for an accomplice. This accomplice intends to sell them a magic tome. Or does he? Either way, it ends up being pretty funny, and ridiculous, and enjoyable. I definitely recommend reading this one!

It’s a quicky. Who doesn’t love a quicky?





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