Stories in Rogues – “A Cargo of Ivories” by Garth Nix

So I made a huge mistake and allowed a long time to elapse before writing some of these review snippets. Oops! However, maybe it will be a service to you, because if the story was memorable, then I should be able to do you a nice job–even now. This story, “A Cargo of Ivories”. I tried, guys. I really did, but it was rough. I have a tough time with really whacky fantasy gimmicks and the two main characters were just odd …

Our two main characters, a stout knightly figure, and his extremely powerful wizard companion–wait, wait, you’re thinking. I thought you said the characters were gimmicky and whacky? Yeah. I did. Because the all-powerful wizard is a small sentient ventriloquist doll. So yeah … That’s a thing.

Essentially they’re house robbers. And stuff happens, and I don’t know. I had a lot of trouble caring about this one. Skip it, unless you’re familiar with these two characters and really like them.





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