Stories in Rogues – “Diamonds From Tequila” by Walter Jon Williams

You’d expect this one to be a little foggy for me, since it has been almost two weeks since I finished it, but oh no. You don’t forget a story like this. Forget the title. It’s nonsense, and essentially an in-story quip. This story is told in the first person by a hilariously self-absorbed and weird-looking actor looking to break his career wide open with a feature. And once again, I find that the stories set in the modern world are much more enjoyable for me in this short-form anthology (which is continuing to surprise me!).

This story is a must read. One of my favorites in the whole anthology so far. The main character is funny, even though he’s not trying to be. And essentially what we’ve got is a self-absorbed Hollywood dude, a bunch of cliches, all trying to shoot a shitty B-flick in corrupt Mexico, and there ends up being a murder mystery wrapped up in the whole thing. A murder mystery!

Read this one, guys. I don’t even want to say much more about it. Nothing super amazing, or twisty, or revolutionary, just pure entertainment.





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