Stories in Rogues – “The Caravan to Nowhere” by Phyllis Eisenstein

Author Phyllis Eisenstein comes out of a semi-retirement, and takes a beloved character out of a similar retirement to tell us this curious story set in the desert on some fantasy world. Our main character is a bard with the ability to teleport. This ends up being important to the story, but not the reason for the story. The reason for the story feels deeper, in a sad way.

So far this has been the only story to leave me thinking about real-world issues, most notably, drug addiction and mental health. It was a little sad, but it was well done. The writing is engaging and draws you into the scenario. It took me a little time after finishing it to realize how much I enjoyed this one.

Straight forward, third-person fantasy action here. There is a quest, betrayals, magic, sword fights, and some tough decisions. What more do you want? Read this one. You should find it–at least–reasonably enjoyable.





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